Nusiance Humboldt County 7″ Kirbdog Rcords 1990
Nusiance II 7″ Very Small Records 1991
Nusiance/Bitchcraft Split 7″ Kirbdog Rcords 1992
Nusiance Confusion Hill Lookout Records 1991
Nusiance Sunnyside Down Lookout Records 1993
V/A collection Very Small World Very Small Records 1991
Glass Babble Radio Dissonant Airwaves Kirbdog Records 1993
Glass Babble Radio Swell/ Low
Maintance Machine Kirbdog Records 1993
V/A collection Brouhaha 7″ Piggly Wiggly 1991
W/Nuisance & Jawbreaker
V/A collection Four Two Pudding Very Small Records
1989 -1993
V/A collection Vinyl Retentive Very Small Records 1993
W/Glass Babble Radio
Soundtank Get Tanked Musical Fruit Records 1994
Blindspot Self-Titled 7″ Self Released 1995
Blindspot Maude 7″ Reptilian Records 1996
Army of Ants 7 Bullets for Kenny G Self relasd Tape 1996
V/A collection 31 bands trash 31
W/Blindspot sesame street songs Bun Length Records 1994
Undertoad Sef-titled Flying Harold Records 1998
Jeff Mattison Moonshine Rain Madboy Music 1998
Edaline Old City Scenes 10 Flying Harold Records 1998
Edaline I Wrote the Last Law of Inertia 1999
Chapter for You
Edaline Live at the Bottom Flying Harold Records 2000
of the Hill
Jeff Mattison Backroads Heart Attack Madboy Music 2003
One Horse Town Back To The Country Atlas Records 2004
Shelby Cobra Solid Gold Country Sacred Art Records 2004
Mr. Cliff Greenwood The Monster EP Self Released 2004
Steve Roybal Steve Roybal 7″ Self release 2007
Amber Lee and the Anomalies Estuaries 7″ Self release 2008
Mr. Cliff Greenwood Musical Heritage Dead Body Records 2006

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